How to Optimise Your Storage Unit

Cost Reduction For Home Relocation: 3 Ideas

You can bring down the cost of home relocation through various ways. These include moving during the off-peak season and doing your own packaging. However, it may not always be possible to delay your move until the off-peak season kicks in, and you may not necessarily have the time to pack everything on your own. […]

When Items Need a Little Extra Care While in Self Storage

While due care needs to be taken when you put your possessions into a self storage facility, there are times when extra care is needed. Naturally, self storage prices vary depending on the level of the facilities on offer, but it can certainly be worth it for the added protection against damage. For short-term storage […]

How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Injuring Yourself

Dragging a heavy sofa, refrigerator or dining table can put a lot of strain on the people helping to move them. If you need to move a heavy object across your house, follow this step-by-step guide to keep yourself in good shape. 1. Lay a Plywood Path Begin by placing sheets of thin plywood along […]

4 Step-By-Step Guidelines To Pack Your Expensive Tea Set For Storage

You’ve probably spent a fortune on your expensive tea set, so you will naturally want to keep it as safe as possible for a longer time. If you’re moving from one home to another or if you’re refurbishing your existing one, then you may need the services of a self-storage unit for a temporary period. […]

Self Storage | 4 Golden Steps To Pack Wall-Mounted Mirrors For The Storage Unit

If you’re preparing to move between homes or if you’re refurbishing your existing home, then a self-storage unit comes in handy for temporarily preserving your household items. Packing fragile items like glass and mirrors safely is vital because you naturally want to use them in your new or renovated home once again. These steps are […]

Moving House? Prepare Your Teens Early

Moving from your family home can be stressful enough, but even more so when you have teenagers in the house. They don’t want to leave their school and move away from their friends, but sometimes there is no other choice. Here are some ways to start preparing your teens early for the upcoming move. Open […]

Relocating? Compare Trailer And Container Vehicle Removal Options

If you need your cars relocated during a removal process, you will need to seek a vehicle removalist. A vehicle removalist can then have your vehicles transported from your current location to your new home in one of two ways; trailer transportation or container transportation. Here is how the two compare against each other so […]

Why You Need to Hire a Removalist When Relocating

Relocating to a new apartment can be a very stressful and energy-consuming task. This is because it involves the lifting and moving of heavy stuff like furniture. Nowadays, though, moving out has been made easier by the many removal companies available for hire on the market. Contracting a removalist could save you the stress that […]

Simple Tips on Moving Furniture to Your New Home

If you are moving furniture into a new residential space, you will need to choose between using removalists and hiring a truck for DIY moving. In ideal circumstances, you should select the former option because professionals are experienced with handling tasks such as packing and loading these bulky items efficiently. On the other hand, self-removal […]

Tips for Storing Furniture With No Climate Control

There are many different reasons why you may need to store furniture. In most cases, you will want to unpack and use this furniture at a later time. This means that you need to make sure that it is protected from damage during storing. In most cases, you will be storing items without climate control. […]